Our Restaurant

We serve delicious food from the local cuisine made with natural ingredients from local farms, including vegetarian-friendly items!

  1. Our resort offers a wide range of cuisines against the incredible backdrop of the ocean thanks to its exceptional sea front location.
  2. Our chefs know how to provide incredible mix of cuisines, textures, styles such as bakes and accra from a roadside stand to a perfectly plated five course Mahi dinner. It’s a wonderful array of the freshest island produce and seafood exemplifying the true essence of farm to table.
  3. The food takes on a whole new meaning with a garden that grows ingredients (think: crab apples, grapes, figs, cherry tomatoes, and more) that find their way into the restaurant’s cocktails and seasonal dishes. Sunflowers, morning glories, honeysuckles, clematis, and periwinkles add to this full-fledged garden paradise.